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Cash Advance Program +

Merchant cash advance is a way to get the cash that you need for your business right when you need it. You can get money from a cash advance for any business-related expense that you might have.  
Merchant cash advances are based on future sales, so repayment can be flexible and accommodate your cash flow situations. This is something that you won’t get with traditional financing. Our financing is short-term, which will lead to faster growth. 

Franchise Funding +

Starting a Franchise can be very rewarding but many franchises can cost a lot of money to get started, which most banks can't help with. Here at EPIC Advance, we specialize in funding franchisees through are easy and quick application/funding process you can be up and running before you know it. We will get you the funding you need without collateral or a business plan.

Small Business Funding +

All businesses need cash in order to grow and operate. Cash could be difficult to come by.  Banks would ask for collateral and detailed financing plans, and the terms weren’t always in your favor. Businesses grow at a rapid pace, and you may need financing with little warning. The bank process can be lengthy, and it can hinder your ability to grow and take advantage of various opportunities.  

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